The world's first powered electrostatic loudspeaker with HDFG interface (High Definivnbntion Field Generator)
and solid state Output Transformerless (OTL) technology.

“What drives a man to think of realizing a 30-years old dream?
Discovering that what you are listening to is something differently beautiful because it is unexpected, a sensation that is difficult to describe, but so perceptible when present that you miss it when you don't feel it.
A set of sensations that takes you back to your childhood where a shoebox with a speaker excited you and now all grown up and mature, once again you are amazed to be witness to the realization of your own dream.
But as always, a journey is never done alone, whether it's the spirit or whether there are mates who raise the sails with you even without the security of a safe harbor.
The challenge is so great that only an unquenchable desire for life’s dreams makes you go against everything and everyone. "

Giandomenico Gonella



The dream of creating an audio reproduction system that is as realistic and faithful as possible to the original recording has led us to the belief that the electrostatic cell is the right interface to achieve our goal.
However, the limitations of this speaker led us to rethink and redesign the electrostatic panel with modern and proprietary technologies..
The limitations of the amplifier / cable / electrostatic cell interface led us to think of an amplified electrostatic speaker..

Our skills and innovations have created the perfect combination between the electrostatic cell and an interface called HDFG  (High Definition Field Generator) with OTL technology.
This new applied technology is protected under various patent applications.

As few, equal to none!

In the history of high fidelity few have ventured into the construction of electrostatic speakers due to their intrinsic manufacturing complexity.
Equal to none because we make full range amplified OTL electrostatic speakers where each component is designed, and custom made.

The result.

The reconstruction of the sound stage in its three-dimensionality delivers the highest levels of sound clarity and transports the listener inside the musical event making the listening experience exciting and unique.

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